Seminar for school teachers in Volgograd

November 17th, 2017,  80 school teachers of Physical Training learned now to integrate rugby in Physical training lessons. The seminar has been organized with support of Volgograd citi Department of Education, Volgograd Rugby Union, Rugby Union of Russia and National Charity Foundation for the Development of Youth Rugby. The teachers has been presented  Rugby In School Program, which has been successfully implemented in Russian schools by the National Charity Foundation For the Development of Youth Rugby since 2012 as well as Get into Rugby program of Russian Rugby Union.  The practical part of the seminar was given by Alexander Kuleshov, Physical Training teacher of Moscow school #572, master of sports in Rugby, former Rugby Club Slava player. He presented tag rugby and rugby introduction activity games. It has been the first rugby experince for most of teachers. They appreciate attractiveness and simplicity of tag rugby. 

Video has been made by Volgograd rugby players

The seminar was organized  within the Development of Kids Rugby in Russia project, which is run by  the National Charity Foundation For the Development of Youth Rugby with financial support of Russian Federation Presidential Grant for civil society development provided by Presidential Grants Foundation. 

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