V Tournament on Rugby “Championship REGBIST.RU»

V Tournament on Rugby “Championship  REGBIST.RU» for young men 2003 and 2004 year of birth is over. It was held October 23-27, 2017. 8 teams  from 8 Russian regions participated. Andey Surdakov, Vice Head of Development Department of Tatarstan Ministry of Youth and Sport particiapted in awarding ceremony. The third place wins the team from Omsk Region. This team demostrate stable improvements, and it's the region where only amateur clubs exist. 

1 place  - Penza Team, Penza Region
2 place  - Kusbass, - Kemerovo Region
3 place  - Asgard, Omsk Region
4 place  - Kaliningrad Team, Kaliningrad Region
5 place  - Tatarstan Team, Republic of Tatarstan
6 place  - Team Yoshkar Ola, Kirov, Penza
7 place  - Sankt-Petersburg Team, Sankt-Petersburg
8 place - Lipetsk Team, Lipetsk Region

The tournament was organized  within the Development of Kids Rugby in Russia project, which is run by  the National Charity Foundation For the Development of Youth Rugby with financial support of Russian Federation Presidential Grant for civil society development provided by Presidential Grants Foundation. 


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